Bebegig Festival

festival bebegig ciletuh palabuhanratu geopark


Bebegig has several meanings in sunda area, such as scarecrows made look alike human form, the material used can be from straw, grass or dried banana leaf. Bebegig is installed in the rice field when the rice plants are yellowing, aimed to scare the pests that damage the rice plants such as birds, pigs etc. The meaning of bebegig hereinafter means Ririwa (Sundanese language) which means ghost. However, when viewed in terms of functions both scarecrow and ghosts who have a frightening character. But in this festival bebegig is intended to scarecrow.

Philosophically bebegig interpreted as a character repellent, soul, life and a negative aura, so that the earth can return to essential. With that basic background, it creates an idea called BEBEGIG FESTIVAL PERFORMANCE. Activities in order to support the development of existing tourism in the area of Sukabumi Regency, West Java, is GEOPARK CILETUH-PALABUHANRATU. The bebegig festival carries the theme of EUNTEUNG KARUHUN with the concept of three eras, which means that Eunteung (mirror) karuhun (ancestors) as a reminder so that we can reflect from the life of the ancestors who uphold the attitude of togetherness, mutual respect, cares and others, How to love and keep the creation of the Almighty. Three eras means the festival shows the life of the ancient era, middle age and modern era, aims to remind the absence of relation between modern life and traditional cultural life, also modern life can become access to reintroduce life, existence and condition of traditional culture.

In Bebegig Festival there are several cultures show such as;

  1. Bebegig

Bebegig with a variety of forms, both the original and the form that has been modified, bebegig also contested with the best category.

  1. Dongdang/Jempana

Jempana is a show that is also contested and participated in the carnival.

  1. Kolecer/Baling-baling

Showed for the purpose of adding to the traditional atmosphere. There are various form of kolecer

  1. Carnival

This carnival shows traditional cultural diversity such as, Fashion, Tools, Bebegig, Dongdang, Traditional Arts and more.

  1. Bazaar

Displaying a typical culinary of Pajampangan area

  1. Handicraft

The unique and distinctive product of the local people is introduced as souvenirs.

  1. Tradisional art performance
  • Gondang
  • Dogdog
  • Cador (penca bodor)
  • Buncis
  • Ja’e (cepet)
  • Beluk
  • Batik Pakidulan
  • Pencak Silat (Martial Arts)
  • Pasir Piring Dance
  • Rengkak Panyadap Dance
  • Ngahiras Dance
  • Liliuran Dance
  • Topeng Dance
  • Kolotok Dance
  • Kolosal Dance
  • Ballads of Kecapi and Suling
  • Tembang
  • Lodong Music
  • Musik Kolotok Music
  • Bands Performance

festival bebegig ciletuh palabuhanratu geopark

II. Bebegig Festival will be held on 13-14 May 2017


This event is organized by PALAPAH community (Paguyuban Lahan Parahyangan), a community who engaged in the culture and supported by local government, mass organizations, educational institutions, and the general public.

festival bebegig ciletuh palabuhanratu geopark