Construction of the Trans Coastal Ciwaru-Loji, Wandering the “Heavenly” Beach

Construction of the Trans Coastal Ciwaru-Loji, Wandering the “Heavenly” Beach

West Java now has a South Coast line that is ready to be used to connect these southern coastal areas. Although not a densely populated area, but the South Coast area is known as a producer of very abundant natural resources and also the potential of tourism. Therefore, access from and to the south is an important key in equitable regional development in West Java.

One of the new lines that are still in the process is the Ciwaru Line (Palangpang Beach) in Ciemas Subdistrict to Loji Beach in Simpenan Sub District. This 37km-long path cuts the contours of the hills and coastlines so as to present a magnificent natural panorama. Later, from Palangpang Beach to Loji Beach or vice versa only taken about one hour. The line is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

At the time the jurnalist team tried to pass the path on Thursday (23/6), the current road conditions are still in the process of making, so it is not feasible to be passed by regular four-wheeled vehicles. In addition, the line is still cut off in the area of ​​Cisaar River in Girimukti Village which will be built a bridge to connect the path.

The community around the area through which the new path passes, is very positive towards the development of the path. The linking of previously remote areas has had a positive impact on economic development, facilities and infrastructure. For example in the fisher village of Pantai Cisaar, formerly a very difficult location to reach by land. But now, the village is right beside a big road. With this new path is expected to be a way for improving people’s welfare.

By: Rinaldi Ikhram