Geology ITB ’74 Fieldtrip in Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark, “Stay Geologist Forever”

Geology ITB ’74 Fieldtrip in Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark, “Stay Geologist Forever”

“Stay Geologist Forever”. Such is the spirit that was voiced by the alumni of Geology ITB 1974 while conducting a visit to Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu National Geopark on April 15th-16th, 2017. This activity is one form of the reunion event that is routinely held every year.


Prof. Mr. Dr. Ir. Robert Delinom, one of the alumni participant said that the visit to the National Geopark of Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu was based on curiosity as a senior geologist of geological phenomena in the area of Ciletuh. He said “Even though we have become pensioners, our geologists soul will never die”. He added that since a few decades, Ciletuh is a location that is very interesting for Indonesian and foreign geologist to be able to learn and research.

There are 22 participants who follow this activity. This activity started from Sukabumi City and continued by bus to Cikeluh area.

The first day visit is the Amphitheater Ciletuh geosite. The geological interpreters from the Geopark Management were also invited to give a brief overview of the geological phenomena found in the Ciletuh area. The journey continues to Curug Sodong, then ends at Puncak Bunga at sunset.

Fieldtrip-Geologi-ITB-’74-di-Kawasan-Geopark-Ciletuh-PalabuhanratuThe location of the next day visit is geosite along the coast of Ciletuh to Cikepuh. At this location the participants saw the rocks that became evidence of converging of the two plates and also the bedrock of the ocean. One of the participants is Mr. Hilmi Panigoro and his colleagues also shared his experience while doing thesis in this area about 38 years ago. Walking along the outcrop at Ciletuh beach is very nostalgic for him.


The journey continues to Pangumbahan Beach to see the release of sea turtles and enjoy the sunset. This activity also ended the visit of alumni of Geology ITB ’74 in Geopark National Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu.