Geopark Development Program

Geopark Development Program

To realize the geopark motto: “Celebrating Earth Heritage, Sustaining Local Communities” required real programs towards sustainable development in the geopark.

West Java Provincial Government in cooperation with Sukabumi local government had set up a task force team and geopark management. The team and the management will prepare and accompany all implementation of development programs conducted in the geopark.

Currently in several villages in the geopark, is being carried out various skills training for local people, which includes conservation, education about the geopark, the development of local products of agriculture, plantation, animal husbandry, management of lodging facilities, handicrafts, tourist guide, geotrail and promotion through simultaneous financial support from central government, local, and private.

The most important program that is being implemented is the improvement of infrastructure, especially road access to the geopark and geopark sites, as well as provide tourism amenity, such as information boards, tourist information centers, parking lots, restrooms and other facilities.

Masterplan and detail engineering design (DED) and the artist’s impression, is being prepared in several areas that planned as a center of economic growth in the Geopark, such as Mega Amphitheatre; Puncakdarma; Palangpang – Cikadal coastline; and Awang, Central and Puncakmanik Falls and This artist’s impression can give an idea of long term.