Potential Heritage Geology and National Geopark Geotourism Ciletuh, West Java

Potential Heritage Geology and National Geopark Geotourism Ciletuh, West Java



Ciletuh National Geopark region which administratively located in the District of Ciemas and Ciracap, Sukabumi, West Java province has a unique geodiversity and showed the oldest rocks in West Java. This area is the result of a collision of two different plates, namely: the Eurasian Plate (continental shelf) which is composed of granite (acidic), and the Indo-Australian Plate (oceanic plate) which is composed of basal (basaltic), which produces deep ocean sedimentary rocks (pelagic sediment), metamorphic rocks and alkaline igneous rocks up to ultramafic rocks. Because the geological characteristic that is not found in other places makes Ciletuh as National Geopark in Indonesia. In carrying out of the Geopark concept, supporting activities needed to operate sustainable economic activity in the form of Geotourism. Geotourism is a concept of special interest tours that focus on geological education.

The method used in this study were divided into three processes: starting with a literature study of research areas and conduct field research as a step inventory of geological sites (geosites), followed by data analysis to identify and classify the geological heritage sites by scoring techniques. The results of the analysis are used for making geotrek line in the Ciletuh region and Geotourism activities ratings that had implemented. A total of 29 geosites identified and classified with geoheritage value in low quality to outstanding. This assessment based on the aspect of scientific records and special geological phenomena or landform features for the purpose of education and research.

Furthermore, geosites are grouped in accordance with the meaning and morphology, namely: old rocks, geomorphology, fossils, sea caves, unique rock formations, waterfalls, and sedimentary structures as a basic substance in the manufacture of geotrek line. There are 3 Geotrek lines which has been adapted to the type of trip and geosites that have relevance, namely: The Magical of Ciletuh Amphitheater (The trip focuses on enjoying the morphology of Mega Amphitheatre Ciletuh), The Ciletuh Melange’s Journey (The trip to learn about the oldest rocks in West Java) and the Spectacular of Ciletuh Bay (Sea lanes journey for enjoying a variety of different shapes of rocks in the Ciletuh Bay). In addition to the proposed geotrek activities, other activities supporting Geotourism has been run in this Geopark is: Geo sight-seeing activities on the geosites which focus on geomorphology activities (Panenjoan and Puncak Darma), Geosport activities such as parasailing and snorkeling,
as well as Geofestival. Rate of Geotourism that has implemented in Ciletuh Geopark produce numbers 19-35 which showed moderate to good value for Geotourism activities and should be improved better for the future.

Keywords: Geoheritage, Geotourism, Geotrek, Ciletuh Geopark, West Java