GM GNCP sedang membuka acara

Sukabumi Regency has a cultural diversity that has long been preserved by the ancestors in the district Sukabumi area. Cultural preservation from generation to generation has finally become an enormous potential for Sukabumi Regency.

One of these cultural diversity is the Feast of the Fishermen Celebration Day (Syukuran Hari Nelayan). It have some uniqueness typical character and become the main attraction, especially for the citizens of Palabuhanratu and also the foreign tourists who participated the event of Fisherman’s Day, one of which is with the Putri Nelayan (Princess of Fisherman) who is believed to be the “Princess of Titisan” from Nyai Roro Kidul which is believed by the community as the Ruler of South Kidul Palabuhanratu.

Towards to Fishermen’s Celebration Day Palabuhanratu  58th in April, continue to be prepared, one of which is the Putri Nelayan. In order to welcome the 58th Fishermen’s Day (SHN) ceremony of Palabuhanratu on 5 April, a number of preparations will continue to be finalized. Putri Nelayan is the momentum for the young generation of Sukabumi Regency to explore their potential so that it can give spirit for the young generation to do better.

GM GNCP was opening the event

The event that is regularly held every year is one of the pre-event of the peak event of the Day of Fisherman’s Celeberation Day (SHN). To select the Putri Nelayan, usually the Fisherman’s Celeberation Day committee selected the best Putri-Putri in Sukabumi District, as the Fisherman’s Symbol which will be the introduction in Labuh Saji Ritual at the Peak of the Fisherman’s Celebration Day Event. 20 participants of the finalists followed the grand final of 2018 Fisherman’s Princess at Fridnanda building, Ahmad Yani street, Palabuhanratu, and opened by General Manager of National Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu, H. Dana Budiman on Friday (23/3/2018).

Registration starting on 22/1/2018 through online website at www.mypalabuhanratu.com and www.putrinelayan.com is also distributed through the official website of Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu. age-related requirements from 17-24 years old coming from the general, students and students are in great demand many young people who live in Sukabumi District.

Unlike the previous, quoted from sukabumiupdate.com, the organizers this time want to make the annual event is more special. In addition to the beautiful, the finalists must also highlight the intellectual aspect, insight and high social spirit. Being trained on public communication skills by the Tantowi Yahya Public School team, it is expected that the finalists in addition to preserving the culture can also become tourism ambassadors together with Mojang Jajaka of Sukabumi Regency, in promoting Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu.

This Putri Nelayan Day event has been completed and Jihan Novita Ali Putri comes out as the winner of Putri Nelayan 2018.

The top five are selected:

  1. Jihan Novita Ali Putri – SMAN 1 Cikakak
  2. Nadya Ajeng Astuti – STIEPAR Bandung
  3. Annisa Trie Febrianti Saiyan – SMAI
  4. Nurul HudaNurleila Agustin – UNPAK Bogor
  5. Bella Amalia – SMAN 1 Palabuhanratu

Five categories winners are:

  1. Favorite Princess – Indah Siti Aprilianti
  2. Gifted Princess – Vista Rachmania
  3. Entrepreneur & Inspiration Princess – Princess Maqdisa Arasyi
  4. Princess of Friendship – Hilmi Putri Yanti
  5. Princess Fotogenic – Ami Syakila

All Board Management of National Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu congratulates the winners, hopefully can carry out the task well and bring a good image for Sukabumi District

By: Ilham Mochammad Saputra