The Scarecrow “BEBEGIG” Festival “EUNTEUNG KARUHUN”

The Scarecrow “BEBEGIG” Festival “EUNTEUNG KARUHUN”

Waluran District is an area that belongs to the National Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu after the expansion of the area. The entry of Waluran in geopark area is because this area has the potential of geological nature of scientific value and unique local culture.

Aware of its potential, the Waluran community held the Bebegig Festival as a cultural event and introduced Waluran potential to the outside community. The event is held for 2 days ie Saturday and Sunday, 13-14 May 2017 and located in soccer field village of Waluran.

Mr Cahya, as chairman of the organizers, in his speech said that the purpose of the event is the same as the function bebegig in the middle of rice fields, namely to repel pests. The inaugural Bebegig Festival was held, carrying the theme “Enteung Karuhun” which has deep meaning related to the pattern of hereditary life of Waluran District community. In the moment of welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, he hopes that with the inter-citizenship at this bebegig festival the pests of the dirty human nature can be cleaned up. This festival is also to introduce the District District as a tourist destination other than Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu.

Waluran village chief, Dudi Rusdiaman convey, Bebegig Festival is a form of attention of the village chief in introducing local culture to the community. Because today, not least some people forget the local culture that has long been preserved by the ancestors.

The event was attended by many people from various circles. Many schools in Waluran were also participate in this festival. Collection of bebegig on display is the result of the work of each school. Festivity began to appear after the event opened with scarecrow parade and procession.

In addition to bebegig, the committee also presents a variety of cultural arts such as Kolecer, gondang, and traditional dances. The event was also enlivened with culinary stands, handicrafts and kaulinan barudak. Mr Cahya in this case said that in addition to art performances, community-made products are also given a place here, in addition to promotion as well to improve the economy of the community, he added.

By: Rinaldi Ikhram