Visit of UNESCO Assessor Team to Kunti Island

Visit of UNESCO Assessor Team to Kunti Island

Kunti island is the geological location of the object which is very important in Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark. Arguably, Kunti Island is the heart of the geopark because this is where the theme of geological evidence of subduction or meeting of two plates at 60 million years ago can be found. Therefore, the Geopark Management Team Team Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu felt it was necessary to accompany the Assessment Team of UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) to review this location. Moreover, the readiness of geosite Kunti Island in terms of management and the existing infrastructure in geosite is also necessary for them to be reviewed.


The trip to the island of Kunti carried out by ship from the dock at the Fish Market Palabuhanratu for approximately one hour. During the trip, the Assessor Team was shown the geomorphological scenery of Plato Jampang from the sea. Another important thing to be informed there is the construction of a new road from Loji Beach to Palangpang that cuts the hills of Plato Jampang.


At Kunti Island, the Assessor Team was accompanied by local geologists, local PAPSI community guides, and coordinator of forest conservation officers Cibanteng Nature Reserve. From a geological perspective, one of the assessor, Alex from Romania, sees Kunti Island as unique, especially in the presence of polymic breccias with various kinds of rocks. From the cultural side, they were informed about the spooky story spread in the society that has function as conservation effort. Impressed by the explanations conveyed by the local guide, Alex then gave him a doll called Andy Andesite as a souvenir of geopark where he came from. In terms of conservation, they were explained about the status of geosite location that is located in Cibanteng Nature Reserve area, where the area is very limited for visitors and need special permission.\

After the explanation of this geosite, assessor team also reviewed the information boards that are already available at the site as an educational facility for geopark visitors. Before proceeding to the next geosite, they took pictures with the Kunti Island geosite management

By: Rinaldi Ikhram